Akihabara, Kanda Toshimaya Rita-Shop

 Toshimaya Rita-Shop
 Toshimaya Rita-Shop
 Toshimaya Rita-Shop

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[with Toshimaya Rita-shop]
Concept shop of Toshimaya which performed sake brewing in Tokyo Higashimurayama in September, 2018 opened in the birthplace, Kanda.
It becomes three main brands of Toshimaya, "altruism" "okushu" only liquor shop to prepare "gold gets married".

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 1-13-1, Uchikanda
  • Phone number 03-5283-1871
  • Business hours 11:30-18:30   
  • Access Kanda Station 7-minute walk
    A 6-minute walk from Otemachi Station Chiyoda Line
    A 6-minute walk from Ogawamachi Station Toei Shinjuku Line
Regular holiday Sundays and holidays
Homepage https://toshimaya-ritashop.com/


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  • [with Toshimaya]
    In 1596 (Keicho 1), it is founded at the Kanda Kamakura bank of a river. Tokyo oldest shuho (existing Toshimaya Head Office).
    It is turned on "ancestor of bar" by having provided snacks matching liquor and liquor. The innovative sale technique causes reputation and links the name to "Edo merchant ten great characters" in the middle of Edo era and is said to be when we carried until role to adjust price of market price of rice to in the reform of Kyoho.
    In addition, we are considered to be ancestor of "sacred white sake" swallowed up by the Doll's Festival.
    We established "Toshimaya brewing" in Higashimurayama early in the Showa era and started the brewing of full-scale sake.
    Toshimaya Rita-Shop is open in order to have all of you around the Kanda know existence of Toshimaya as gallery shop built in the ruins.

It is introspectiveness of Toshimaya Rita-Shop.
Other than liquor, there is the handling of original Sake-manju having favorable reception with refined sweetness and fragrance and vegan sake lees cookie.
In addition, we display states of tool of sake brewing used several decades ago and current sake brewery.


  • Design which was based on gentle taste and natural × Edo. It is the Toshimaya birthplace, Kanda limited sale.
    "Altruism" is speech of meaning called "being considerate of another person than oneself". We repay the birthplace, Kanda's kindness and, also, we feel that we want to continue being concerned with sake in eternity, this ground and sell heart of altruism to chest.
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