Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho
 Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho
 Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho

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"Tokyo, Kioicho" that has noble history to come from the the the Kii Tokugawas who held mansion here, Owari Tokugawas, Hikone Iis in the Edo era and face called the center of international city Tokyo.
While, "Kioi tower" with office hotel, commercial facilities, conference, preservation restores the Former King Lis Tokyo's house who is tangible cultural property to appoint of Tokyo "Kioi residence" having 135 lease houses (former Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka old building), "Akasaka prince classical music house" with new function. Space where garden and art full of nature that the four seasons fade harmonized with advanced facility group spreading out along the formidable man moat is "Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho". We send time when it is calm and is of good quality to wrap arrival, work, living each one while inheriting dignity that history brings.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 1-2, Kioicho others
  • Phone number 03-3288-5500
  • It is different for each business hours store
  • Access Tokyo Metro "Nagatacho Station" 9a exit direct connection
    Tokyo Metro "Akasaka-Mitsuke Station" 1-minute walk


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  • "Kioi tower" 36 stories above the ground and 2 stories underground. As for the main uses, more than one floor 1,000 tsubo, "office" which realized opening-like space of span 18m *20m very much are located "Kioi conference" to meet needs that are various commercial facilities "Kioi terrace" which gave different concept for each four floors on the 30th floor ... the 36th floor, and it is four of "the prince gallery Kioicho, Tokyo" that raised fantastic view only in upper floors in area of art. Building (exterior) design is design which had history, personality and elegance appropriate for Kioicho harmonizing with nature by American corn Pedersen Fox associates for history.

In Tokyo garden terrace Kioicho, we tie new green tract of land and valuable green tract of land of the downtown area such as Imperial Palace born around building and push forward town development to contribute to the formation of ecological network (life corridor). In neighboring natural environments, various wildlife including wild bird is confirmed and push forward environmental maintenance that those creatures are easy to live in.
Tree class constituting forest plants Takagi and shrub, plant of forest floor mainly on usual plant species and aims at green tract of land of multilayered structure and ecosystem that it is near naturally by doing. In addition, this biotope is connected to waterside of Shimizudani Park and formidable man moat, and it is in habitat of dragonfly and butterfly and forms life corridor of valuable waterside of the downtown area.


  • European-style building "the Former King Lis Tokyo residence" of beautiful Tudor style got close to as "former Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka old building" to many customers was built by design of Kaname Gondo good luck (gondoyokichi) of Kozo Kitamura engineer who played an active part as engineering works director of the former Imperial Household Ministry Imperial Works Bureau in 1930 and others, and was appointed by tangible cultural property Tokyo-designated in 2011.
    It comprises ryoinhodokoshi* and banquet in various needs of the present age at the same time to restore main parts such as lighting equipment or outer wall in state at the time based on detailed materials at the time of construction, and to regain elegant preparation of the past nobly to meet.
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