Akihabara, Kanda The first KS building (former Marubishi Building)

 The first KS building (former Marubishi Building)
 The first KS building (former Marubishi Building)

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[country registration tangible cultural property]
 Marubishi Building means former name. It is office building built in 1925 by (1925). The east faces Sotobori Street and is built. At steel reinforced concrete construction the fifth floor of the ground 1 story below ground, some remodeling is seen, but leave figure at the time of the foundation well. We put small tile on potato seam, and the front gives glory to cornice, stringcourse, sash white.
 We convey state of commerce and industry development of former Renjakucho neighborhood well.
A part of the facade stretches into a tower form.
 Painting is given from tile and does not know original hue, but white belt-shaped decoration is accentuating now. White belt-shaped decoration, emphasis of facade with tower-formed design are thought to image Queen Anne style called Tatsuno type.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 2-3, Kandaawajicho
  • From Access Awajicho Station Exit A3 a 3-minute walk
    From Shin-Ochanomizu Station Exit B3 a 5-minute walk

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