Hie-jinja Shrine

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[the main hall of Hie-jinja Shrine] 
 It is called Sanno, and enshrined deity is daisansakushin. Edo enshrines Sanno shrine, and it is said that (1478) tadendo* did kansei more in Edo-jo Castle from Kawagoe in 1478. (1590) Ieyasu entered a fortress in Edo-jo Castle in 1590, and we moved to Momijiyama in Edo-jo Castle afterwards, but 2s general Hidetada moved to place of King Motoyama of outside the castle (Hayabusacho) for site of a castle expansion. As we were destroyed by fire in the case of Edo big fire of (1657) in 1657, we did utsushiza in the (1659) present location in 1659.
 In Hie-jinja Shrine, veneration was thick as genius locus God of family to inherit the shogunate, and called Sanno festival along with Kanda Shinto shrine with the world feast day, and biennial, God good luck festival of conduct entered Edo-jo Castle, and general made an imperial inspection.
 The main hall of Sanno Inari Shrine of the precincts is considered to be building in 1659 and is valuable building in the Edo early days.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 2-10-5, Nagata-cho
  • Phone number 03-3581-2471
  • Access Kokkaigijidomae Station Exit 5 5-minute walk
    Tameike-Sanno Station Exit 7 3-minute walk
Homepage http://www.hiejinja.net/

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