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In this wonderful temple of Confucius, about 37.7 meters, the floor space have about 34.5 meters in height, height of the bell tower of about 1,050 square meters.
Nikoraido is name after the name of Nicolai archbishop who built this temple and says definitely with the Orthodox Church in Japan religious community Tokyo revival sanctuary.
Byzantine type is basic, and wall is thick, and window is central small, and there is dome, and, seeing from the outside, style of building is magnificent, and it is solid. Will the reason why Romanesque style and renaissance type of the U.K. are taken in on small part skillfully be that British Josiah Conder hit taskmaster?
In the first place it was the attachment ground of Russia country legation in sanctuary and place that made up its mind in this ground when fire watchtower rose in place of Surugadai where this sanctuary was built with mansion trace of firefighter highly in the Edo era, and Nicolai wanted to come to Tokyo for the first time in (1872) in 1872.
In the first sanctuary, construction began by Russian, basic design of shuchurubofu, supervision design of condor, construction responsibility of Taisuke Nagano in (1884) in 1884 and it took approximately 7 years and was completed in (1891) in 1891.
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For visit in temple of Confucius contribution of around 300 yen

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address 4-1-3, Kandasurugadai
  • Phone number 03-3295-6879
  • Than Access Ochanomizu Station St. Hashiguchi a 2-minute walk
    From Shin-Ochanomizu Station Exit B1 a 2-minute walk


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