shanguri lah Hotel Tokyo
 shanguri lah Hotel Tokyo
 shanguri lah Hotel Tokyo

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shanguri lah Hotel Tokyo to reach the tenth anniversary of the opening in March, 2019. shanguri lah Hotel group based in Hong Kong opened as hotel of the first house in Japan on March 2, 2009. Another world that seemed to reproduce "Shangri-La" (Shangri-la) that there was beautiful, and was mysterious if one step set foot in location that was distinguished for Access to center, Ginza and Nihonbashi of Tokyo adjacent to Tokyo Sta. while there was. We create ground paradise which can taste everlasting peace and warm Asian hospitality for the five senses and boast of receiving a prize career many as higher-grade luxury hotel to motto in "we entertain customer like family heartily". Ease and activeness including restaurant and lounge to be able to enjoy guest room which is proud of the largest area in Tokyo, CHI spa that is exclusive and the best taste, please thoroughly enjoy the world of "Shangri-La" to the full in elegant space that fused.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address Marunouchi 1-8-3 Marunouchi trust tower Main Building
  • Phone number 03-6739-7888
  • Business hours 
  • From Access "Tokyo Sta." Nihonbashi Exit A 1-minute walk
    From the "Tokyo Sta." Yaesu north exit A 2-minute walk
    From "Otemachi Station" Exit B7 A 2-minute walk


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  • Hotel is located in 200 total guest rooms, 37-story compound building adjacent to Tokyo Sta., top floor 11 floor of Marunouchi trust tower main building, and the east side can look around the Tokyo Skytree widely to distance Mount Fuji if Western, Imperial Palace, the Shinjuku area clear from Marunouchi from hotel. In addition, it is within walking distance to 1-minute walk, Imperial Palace, Nihonbashi district, Marunouchi business area than Tokyo Sta. Nihonbashi Exit and there is by car in very convenient location environment called five minutes to Ginza.

It is good-quality space that used the grand staircase, chandelier, good-quality carpet which are said to be DNA of Shangri-La luxuriously. And, as hommage to Tokyo, motif of leaf of ginkgo which is symbol of the capital is used for various chandeliers, and Japanese-style extract is added to interior.
In addition, work of Nicolai Bergman Nicolai Bergman flower & design to lead well-known for flower design which is contemporary in Japan colors hotel still more gorgeously.


  • And "Nadaman" providing many Japanese dishes which variety such as grilling foods on an iron plate that Edomae-zushi using full-scale Kaiseki and fresh fishery products, performance of chef are fun is rich in including "raperitivo bar" which can enjoy signature restaurant "pyachiere" and original cocktail providing simple contemporary Italian in nature is elegant and, in shanguri lah Hotel Tokyo, prepares for "the lobby lounge" to be able to enjoy from afternoon tea and international menu of popularity to elegant cocktail in calm atmosphere.
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