Joban bridge
 Joban bridge

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It appears in the Nihonbashi River and is bridge leading to the Bank of Japan side from Tokiwa Bridge park. Bridging of 1926 (1926) December. 41.3m in length, concrete bridge of 27.8m in width.
It is to trace of Tokiwa Hashikado of the Edo era. The beginning was said to have been built over (1590) in 1590 and was also called Asakusa Exit Bridge with Ohashi until the time of 3s family to inherit the shogunate light. chonenkinaryookushimigieimon which caught ideas of rulers of changing name got the name of "Joban" from unemployed person of the lodging and gave this. When it is will of "Fujinami that can serve on color or pine not to get, and suffers from bridge of Joban of eastern province" of "collection of gold foil 31-syllable Japanese poems", it is said to be. Current stone bridge was built over (1877) using stone which we used for square in 1877. Because Megane-bashi Bridge of the Kanda River disappeared, it is precious Ishibashi, but car cannot go with "stone bridge" of Imperial Palace in ward. It is engraved into tablet with "Joban bridge". Another name includes "Tokiwa Bridge" "Asakusa Exit bridge" "Ohashi".

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  • Address Otemachi 2 - 2, Nihonbashihongokucho, Chuo-ku
  • Access Mitsukoshimae Station B1, Exit B2 are immediate
    From Otemachi Station Exit B8 a 2-minute walk

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