Kojimachi, Hanzo-mon, Nagatacho Hanzo-mon runners satellite JOGLIS

 Hanzo-mon runners satellite JOGLIS
 Hanzo-mon runners satellite JOGLIS
 Hanzo-mon runners satellite JOGLIS

We check the highlight in Chiyoda City Tourism Association formula SNS!

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Runner support facility which TOKYO FM runs.
"JOG" (run) and "LISTEN" (hear) were named in combination "JOGLIS".
"Imperial Palace orchid assume JOGLIS!" catch phrase, and is empty-handed, and, as for the Access from Hanzo-mon, Kojimachi, preeminence and jog squirrel which there is in front of the Imperial Palace orchid course can enjoy Imperial Palace orchid as shower is equipped with locker, and rental shoes and wear are enriched.

INFORMATION basics information

  • Address Kojimachi 1-7 FM center Building basement 1F
  • Phone number 03-3221-6100
  • Business hours weekdays 7:00-22:30
    Saturday 7:00-19:00
    Day celebration 7:00-18:00
    ※The last entering a shop time is one hour ago of closure
  • From Access Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line "Hanzomon Station" Exit 1.2.6 a 3-minute walk
    From Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line "Kojimachi Station" Exit 1 a 6-minute walk
Regular holiday New Year holidays
Rate Use of visitor once 750 yen (use of shower locker)
※There is advantageous monthly basis member system.
Homepage https://www.joglis.jp/


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  • If we change into running wear and go out as JOGLIS is good location called the very front of Imperial Palace, we can start running immediately.
    Let's run in good downhill slope of view starting from Hanzo-mon comfortably!
  • The number of the lockers is 90 together, and man and woman locker room is fully equipped with dryer in extensive locker room.
    In addition, amenity such as shampoo and conditioner, body soap is enriched, too.
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  • As meeting place before and after running and place of communication with running companion, you can use large cafe space.
    As cafe menu prepares in shop, please relax relaxedly.
  • There is motorcycle rack (use 1,000 yen/day on that day) in shop and is popular at all with enjoying cycling around bicycle commuting and Imperial Palace.
    ※On the day motorcycle rack number of the use includes limit.
    ※Rental motorcycle does not have only rental of motorcycle rack.
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